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To Our Austin Philharmonic Orchestra Members and Supporters:

We thank you all for a fantastic spring session and hope you have an amazing summer off! We will resume rehearsals in September.


The Austin Philharmonic Orchestra is an all-volunteer group from the Central Texas area whose focus is performing the great classical and contemporary orchestral works. We come from varied backgrounds - surgeon and college student, realtor and retiree - with the common desire to share the moving experience of immersing ourselves in living music by performing for the Austin community. We invite everyone to attend our concerts which, with rare exception, are open to all and which are always free of charge.

No events at the moment


Donate Today

Austin Philharmonic Inc relies on the support and donations of the Austin community. Other than donations, our only source of revenue comes from dues paid by the orchestra members, and students and those with financial need are exempted from paying dues. Your donations allow us to purchase music, rent venues for concerts and cover other operating expenses so that we can provide free concerts for the Austin community, including playing at assisted living venues for the entertainment of senior citizens several time a year. We sincerely appreciate anything that you can give. If you are a corporation or business that is interested in sponsoring us, please contact our Board President. The Austin Philharmonic Inc is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization so your donation will be tax deductible. If you donate online please be sure to print the receipt to keep for your records. You may donate at the following levels:

Young Musicians
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